Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bone to Pick

Recently I have seen many people discussing their disappointment with 500 Days of Summer. Let it be known, I completely disagree. I thought the movie was excellent and I'm kind of obsessed. For starters, if anyone saw the trailer, it informatively states from the beginning that the movie is "not a love story" (not to be confused with "this will be the happiest movie you ever see"). The actors were wonderful and I know we were all secretly hoping that our beloved Zooey Deschanel wouldn't end up with an antagonistic role (although I don't necessarily feel that she was portrayed that way), but she was brilliant. I thought the story was honest, beautiful, and true. Not to mention the wardrobe was fantastic, the interior design was incredible, the soundtrack was perfection, and as my roommate put it "you can tell an artist made the movie" as the cinematography was lovely. I found it refreshing to see a film where the tables turn and the girl ends up being the heart breaker because it happens just as often in real life, why can't it happen in Hollywood? Practically all of us have been in situations where we can sympathize with both of the main characters. For what it's worth, I give 500 Days of Summer two thumbs up. Beautiful movie!


Megan said...

you pretty much said it all!

ANG* said...

couldn't agree more. i adored this movie! :)