Thursday, March 12, 2009

more snacks!

Okay this was my lunch today, not a snack, but it could go either way. I have these leftover corn tortillas so I've been cutting them into wedges, brushing with olive oil and sprinkling with sea salt. Then I bake them at 350-400 degrees until they are lightly golden and crisp. They are great with homemade Guacamole or this Salsa Verde I have sitting in my fridge.

I also made a tasty corn salad to go with it. I just took some corn, red onion, basil (although I highly recommend using FRESH basil), a little bit of Olive Oil, and a little bit of Apple Cider Vinegar, Salt and peppa to taste. And you've got yourself a delightful dish. I topped mine off with a cup of Sweet Mexican Chili Yogi Tea.

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Nazdrowie said...

Fresh basil indeed. Is it Mexican theme night or did you happen to make all that without realizing it?