Thursday, February 12, 2009

Philly Trip Part 4: Food!

Oh boy... where do I begin. I had some amazing food in Philadelphia. Here are my favorite places and what I ate to sum it all up. Brace yourself... its a lot:
Place: Bontes
What I Ate:
- Sugar coated Belgian waffles infused with blueberry and white chocolate
What I Drank:
- A Cafe au Lait

Place: Tria Wine Cheese Beer Cafe
What I Ate:
- 2 types of Bruschetta, Truffled Mushroom with Fontina and Roasted Eggplant with Balsamic and Parmigiano
- Butternut Squash topped with a melted blue cheese, pecans, and pumpkin oil.
What I Drank:
- Pinotage "Onyx" Darling Cellars '03. Delicious South African Wine with notes of Violets, Fruit, White Pepper, and a "Meaty" or smoky finish.

Place: Amada (Spanish Tapas)
What I Ate:
- Cheese Plate of Queso de Cabra with Balsamic Strawberries, Aged Manchego with Truffled Lavender Honey, and Roncal with a Black Olive Carmel
- Oysters with Cava Granita and Grapefruit Espuma
- Serrano Ham and Fig Salad with spiced almonds and Cabrales
- Lamb Meatballs with Shaved Manchego
- Parmesan Artichokes
- Roasted Pork, White Beans, Arugula, and Orange
- Fried Dark Chocolate Custard, Chocolate Hazelnut Sauce, Hazelnut Ice Cream
What I Drank: A bottle of red which I do not remember
Side Note: This restaurant was designed by Creme who also designed one of my favorite NYC restaurants, Macondo.

Place: Alma de Cuba
What I Ate:
- 5 Ceviche Tastings: All of which were amazing and would take me all day to describe. They also came with a side of corn nuts and plantain chips, and sweet potato slices with pistachio sauce.
- Ensalada Valadero - Mixed greens with oven-roasted tomatoes, smoked corn, pan de bono croutons with avocado espuma
- Cilantro Honey Mustard Glazed Salmon served over a banana-lentil salad with fresh horseradish cream
- Creamy Old Fashioned Tapioca Pudding
Served in a young fresh coconut with warm guava oatmeal bars
What I Drank: Red Wine Sangria

All I can say about these places is that they were ALL amazing and if you are ever in Philadelphia I highly recommend any of these. And that's a wrap on my trip. It was nice little escape :)

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