Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"It couldn't have happened anywhere
but in little old New York"

- O. Henry

In the last two months I've....

-Paid a dollar for 5 pork fried dumplings
-Had a historic tour of wall street
-Run into Brooke Sheilds, the cast of Sex and the City, Jason Bateman, and Drew Barrymore
-Taken a train upstate to apple pick
-Gone to an opening reception for a friend's art installation
-Seen some of the best dance companies in the world perform
-Drank some of the best coffee in the country (aka not starbucks)
-Received phone calls from friends and family warning me about terror alerts and hurricanes that no one here was aware of
-Attended a dinner party... on a roof
-Walked along my street from one restaurant to another sampling free food and cocktails for the Park Slope Restaurant Tour
-Free live bluegrass and $2 PBR every Wednesday, 3 blocks away
-Encountered a man walking down the street with a live cat sitting tall on his head

-Shared a tiny two bedroom apartment with 4 people
-Had friends visit and received the flight itineraries of more friends who will visit
-Discovered new streets, restaurants, and stores i'd passed a hundred times and never noticed
-Struggled to communicate effectively with foreign tourists ("yes, the shop you're looking for is three blocks this way, oh you mean you are looking for a bathroom? I think you can take the C-train to that part of the city, you'll find a great burger at this place, do you understand?...")
-Scored free books, vintage suitcases, and household appliances from other people's garbage
-Seen two men with their clubs out practicing their golf swing on the corner of W. 10th and 7th Ave
-Sang Karaoke in Chinatown
-Survived the madness of Soho during fashion week
-Worn a few outfits that I'd never be seen in back home
-Still felt that calming "I'm home" sensation upon seeing that skyline from my airplane window when flying back into the city after a weekend away

Have I mentioned I love this city?

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