Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wilco at Coney Island

I had the pleasure of seeing one of the best shows of my life at Keyspan Park in Coney Island earlier this week. The concert was fantastic. The weather was perfect. It couldn't have been a better night. I was ecstatic during the encore when Feist came out to perform a duet with Jeff Tweedy. The song You and I is from the new Wilco album.

The set list they played was unbeatable:
01 Wilco (The Song)
02 I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
03 Shot in the Arm
04 At Least That's What You Said
05 Bull Black Nova
06 You Are My Face
07 One Wing
08 Handshake Drugs
09 Deeper Down
10 Impossible Germany
11 Jesus Etc.
12 Sunny Feeling
13 I'm Always in Love
14 Can't Stand It
15 Hate it Here
16 Walken
17 I'm the Man Who Loves You
18 Hummingbird
19 Heavy Metal Drummer
20 You And I
21 California Stars
22 You Never Know
23 Misunderstood
24 Spiders (Kidsmoke)
25 The Late Greats
26 Hoodoo Voodoo

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