Friday, July 10, 2009


I apologize for the lack of blog activity. These days I have lots on my mind. Stress is overwhelming this year. Economy is killing me. Luckily June is over. We didn't see 7 days of sunshine the whole month! But... the sun is here now. Hopefully it will bring new opportunities with it. I'm staying optimistic, or at least trying to. In the mean time the only thing I can do is enjoy the simple pleasures I'm surrounded with. Here are 15 things keeping me sane this week:

1. My amazing family
2. Friends who support me and encourage me to be my best
3. Sunshine
4. Drinking a cup of tea while gazing out my kitchen window (I do this at least once a day while I gather my thoughts)
5. A slew of summertime visitors. Being able to share your home and city with people you love is a gift and it makes me so happy
6. Reading and writing outside all day
7. Free Broadway in the park
8. The tastiest crumb cake I've ever set my eyes (and taste buds) on. It was minimal cake, and maximum crumb, delicious!
9. Cutting into a perfectly ripened avocado
10. Brewing a pitcher of iced blueberry green tea with fresh mint
11. Helping friends come up with decor for their new apartment
12. Being able to prepare fresh, organic, unprocessed meals for myself
13. Late night giggles with my roommates
14. Silly text messages from my sister, usually a lyric from a song, quote from a movie, or plots to move away to the Caribbean to start our own folk band, mango farm, or bakery
15. The thought that no matter how bad things seem I am truly blessed and lucky to be me.

Everyone have a lovely lovely weekend! Make it yours!

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