Thursday, July 16, 2009

Its a Marvelous Night for a Picnic

Last night the Philharmonic Orchestra played in Prospect Park. I whipped up a batch of sangria and we picked up sushi on the way, as well as some sweet treats. It was such a lovely night with friends and the cool air was just right. The music was divine as were the explosion of fireworks at the end of the concert.

Now that the weather has been kind, I am remembering how much I love this city. I really REALLY love this city. I have the opportunity to see and do things I'll never be able to do anywhere else. And many of them are free! Which is the best part!

Things I Still Plan To Do This Summer:
- See the Frank Loyd Wright exhibit at the Guggenheim
- Visit the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
- See a movie in Bryant Park or on the Hudson
- Score tickets to Shakespeare in Central Park
- Do a better job of shopping at farmers markets
- Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

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