Wednesday, May 20, 2009

10,000 Tree Challenge!

So I haven’t become a total tree-hugger, but I’m on my way. Help plant 10,000 trees this month for World Environment Day (June 5th) by clicking on my Everywun badge/Everywun link (right hand side of my blog page) and signing up. You’ll plant your own tree just for signing up AND be well on your way to being a tree-hugger too!

You can also reach out in other ways when you sign up. For example, each week you'll get an e-newsletter with tips for going green, helping end poverty, eco-friendly products, etc. You receive points just for opening the newsletter.

With the points you earn you can choose to have trees planted, meals given to children in poverty, nets provided for malaria, and even provide shelter for animals. It is free so you make an impact just by caring.

(image via suz or sooze on flickr)

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