Friday, March 27, 2009

Try Your Wings

This song is perfectly defining my mood today and all week. I've been feeling unusually, hopelessly romantic. I don't know why or where it is coming from. Perhaps the spring is inspiring this side of me. What I do know is that I'm in the mood for love. And not the kind that you have to force or that doesn't come naturally, but the kind that lasts a lifetime. The kind that happens when you first see someone and you know, I don't know how you know, but you do. The kind that leaves no doubt in your mind that it is real and alive. The kind that proves that soul mates exist, that fairy tales come true, and that love at first site is something to believe in, and something to hold out for. I don't think we should settle for anything less. So until that glorious day when love knocks on my door, I'll be playing this song :)

image via fffound

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christina marie said...

awww this is beautiful sis!