Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm in the mood for sunshine and hot weather... I mean real hot! I am looking forward to this summer and all that it will bring, including:
the sun on my back
afternoons in Sheep's Meadow
endless evenings of hot and spicy salsa dancing
beach days outside of the city
brunch plans that turn into a full day's worth of cocktails with friends
flea marketing
juicy red tomatoes
pretty little summer dresses and floral vintage skirts
iced coffee
eating raw and fresh foods
concerts in the park
aimless wandering through the city

(image from one of last summer's trips to the beach)

1 comment:

Fly Me to the Moon said...

Maybe instead of me coming to see you we should both go to the beach???? its just an idea! skip the wedding ill skip new york and we can fly there!