Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Have you ever wanted to support different causes to make this world a better place but didn't have the time to volunteer or the money to give? Well the Everywun campaign is changing the way people get involved. Basically, you can choose how you want to support your causes. The options are as varied and as easy as you want them to be. By doing something as simple as putting an Everywun badge in your facebook profile or blog you can earn points or credit, and that is just one of the ways you can help. You can volunteer, answer trivia questions, and you even get credit just for reading their newsletter. Once you earn credit you can choose what causes you want your credit to go to. For each cause you support there are Everywun sponsors who are giving their time and money, just because you care. Here are some FAQ's to help you better understand how it all works. You can support Education, Animals, Environment, Poverty, and Health. Sounds interesting right? So go check it out for yourself and see how you might be able to help.

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Dan Jacobs said...

Tea, thanks for writing about us. It's so important that we get the word out about how easy it is to make a difference... and it's wonderful blogs like this that make it happen. Email me if you'd like to get involved more. Email me anyways so that I can send you something little.

-Dan (founder)